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Can you name the following Halloween/horror flicks from their taglines?

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If Nancy doesn't wake up screaming, she won't wake up at all.
Check In. Relax. Take a shower.
The night he came home.
They're here
They won't stay dead.
A ghoulish tale with wicked humor and stunning animation.
Who will survive and what will be left of them?
Good morning. You are one day closer to the end of the world. You have been warned.
For God's sake, get out!
Peanuts, pumpkins, and pleasure for the whole family!
The Devil inside.
Lucky 13? I think not.
A masterpiece of modern horror
What you can't see won't hurt you... it'll kill you!
Get an afterlife.
He'll tear your soul apart.
When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.
And a child shall lead them...
If only they knew she had the power.
Weird is relative.
Your days are numbered.
The lucky ones die first.
Sometimes dead is better.
The name in laughter from the hereafter.
The story of the strangest passion the world has ever known!
Check your pulse at the door... if you have one
Welcome to the witching hour.
If you don't follow the rules tonight, you won't live to see tomorrow
Don't answer the phone. Don't open the door. Don't try to escape.
Misery loves company.

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