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Can you name the Tallest Kpop Idols?

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Group IdolHeight
g.o.d190 cm
SF9 189 cm
Pentagon 189 cm
KNK189 cm
5URPRISE188 cm
CNBLUE187 cm
NCT187 cm
B.A.P187 cm
Cross Gene187 cm
KNK186 cm
Pentagon186 cm
TVXQ186 cm
2AM186 cm
JJCC186 cm
Halo186 cm
K.A.R.D186 cm
KNK186 cm
EXO185 cm
Seventeen185 cm
Super Junior M185 cm
Super Junior185 cm
2PM185 cm
2AM185 cm
Group IdolHeight
Solo 185 cm
Victon185 cm
Up10tion185 cm
Cross Gene185 cm
Halo185 cm
Halo185 cm
NCT184 cm
Victon184 cm
TVXQ184 cm
CNBLUE184 cm
2PM184 cm
Pentagon184 cm
JJCC184 cm
History184 cm
Topp Dogg184 cm
SF9184 cm
VIXX183 cm
Solo183 cm
VIXX183 cm
Madtown183 cm
History183 cm
Infinite183 cm
EXO183 cm
Group IdolHeight
Astro183 cm
5URPRISE183 cm
5URPRISE183 cm
KNK183 cm
ZEA183 cm
UNIQ183 cm
Up10tion183 cm
Up10tion183 cm
JJCC183 cm
JJCC183 cm
Seventeen182 cm
SF9182 cm
SF9182 cm
Block B182 cm
B1A4182 cm
Beast182 cm
Shinee182 cm
Madtown182 cm
IKON182 cm
Day6182 cm
g.o.d182 cm
Winner 182 cm
Shinhwa182 cm

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