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Can you name the questions from the King of the Hill TV show?

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Forced Order
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Who did Luanne end up marrying?
What is the name of the street Hank lives on?
Who is Bill's only cousin?
How many seasons were there?
What did Luanne want to name her baby?
What's is Hank's baby brother's name?
What is the huge WalMart like store that exploded because of a propane leak?
Who were the two football teams tohat were playing against eachother when Hank attempted to throw a fotball through an alamo beer can?
What was the sport that Bobby was really good at but Hank struggled at because of memories from his father?
What are some of Dale's catchphrases?
What language does Peggy 'speak'?
This is the name that Dale stole from a second grade student. Also his alter ego and name he uses for ID's and anything related with the government.
Who's Boomhauer's brother?
Who did Cotton remarry after divorcing Tilly?
What religion are Hank and Peggy?
What is Bill's job?
Who was Bill's wife before the divorce?
What was Cotton Hill's big accomplishment?
Who created King of the Hill?
Who is Hank's boss?
What does Hank sell?
What was Hank's dog's name?
What is the name of the golf course that Kahn dreams of being a part of?
Who does Bobby accidentally hit in the head when golfing?
Who is Connie's delinquint cousin?
Who did Cotton want to kill more than anyone?
What's the opening theme song to King of the Hill called?
What is the school that Bobby goes to?
What's Bobby's Middle name?
What City do they live in?
Who was Luanne's love that blew up in a propane explosion?
What did Luanne's baby's name end up being?
What type of beer do the guys drink in the alley?
What laguage besides English is Bill fluent in?

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