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AHaymitch's last name
BKatniss' weapon of choice
CLast death in the 74th Hunger Games
DPanem is comprised of the Capitol and twelve of these
EPrim's surname
FUses trident as a weapon
GKatniss' hunting partner
HThe 'black market' is District 12
IBefore entering the games, each contestant has a televised one of these with Caesar Flickerman
JBird created by the Capitol to spy on lower districts during the uprising
KMain character
LIn order to survive, Katniss and Peeta must pretend they are 'star crossed' these
MCompetitor in the 75th Hunger Games; about 80 years old
NKatniss and Peeta fake a double suicide attempt by threatening to eat these berries
OAlong with Venia and Flavius, Katniss' other assistant stylist
PCinna's partner
QThe 75th Hunger Games, in which former champions are forced to take part, are called this
RYoung girl from District 11 who allies with Katniss in the 74th Hunger Games
SPresident of Panem
TTribute from District 11 who spares Katniss in the 74th Hunger Games
UCommon name for the war of rebellion against the Capitol
VNeighborhood created for the winners of the Hunger Games
WThe only way to survive the Hunger Games
XThe tribute from District 5 who was able to stay alive by scavenging; accidentally killed by Peeta
YThe soldier in charge of training Katniss and Johanna in District 13
ZThe casting director for the movie

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