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Forced Order
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FOX is too afraid to say 'no' to Ryan Murphy.
After getting bit by what appears to be a wild animal, an unpopular kid is cured of asthma, heals instantly, and excels in athletics, but whines about it instead of being grateful.
The writers of 'Lost' ruin your favorite fairytales.
Necrophiliac waitress who reads minds is viewed as 'odd' to townsfolk.
Co-dependent mother and daughter battle caffeine addiction.
Scantily-clad sisters fight the forces of evil.
Two brothers alternate between being love-sick puppies and violent serial killers.
1% archery, 99% brooding.
Highschool kids spend all of their spare time getting stoned in a basement.
Woman bravely escapes L'Oréal commercial to thwart terrorists.
Satan solves crimes during his downtime.
Co-dependent people battle caffeine-addiction for a decade.
Highschool kids spontaneously burst into song every eight minutes and wonder why they aren't more popular.
Quippy teenager is forced to solve crimes because of incompetent local police force.
Skinny dude proves that there is no situation you can't get out of by running.
Literally nobody knows.
If Sherlock Homes decided to pursue a career in medicine.
Murder is fine as long as you're murdering murderers.
Law students break the law. Repeatedly.
Former cheerleader is tasked with saving the world, but dies a couple of times in the process.

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