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Who said each of the following quotes on LOST?

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Forced Order
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It doesn't matter who we were. It only matters who we are.
What are you gonna do, splash me?
Yeah, I've had a lot of jobs I didn't want to do. I still did them. I'm sorry, Hugo, you don't get to quit.
You say that now, but you don't -- you're just going to leave me. I know as soon as we get out of here you're just going to leave me.
If I were a savage I would have cut off his finger already. That's tomorrow.
I guess we are both sinners now.
You going to beat me with your Jesus stick? I find it a little odd that your scripture stick has dried blood on it.
Just sit down, Jack. Nobody's going to hurt you. I come in peace.
She has no plan. She only has her guilt and a gun.
Hey, maybe he left you his kidney?
Okay, hey, hey, guys, guys, how about no one's in charge, okay? I'm sure everyone can manage to just take what they need.
Aren't you remotely curious as to where all this came from? You're acting like we just got back from the supermarket.
If you've come to apologize, I forgive you for hitting me with your crutch. I'm so glad my head didn't break it.
'Would you like to save the world?' it read. That's how I met them, the Initiative. They're very secretive, very rich, very smart.
Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell's going on.
Little hot for heaven isn't it?
Are you sure we should be listening to a high school science teacher?
She's a spy. She's supposed to mark the tents of the pregnant women with white rocks so they can take them.
If you say 'live together die alone' to me Jack, I'm gonna punch you in your face.
Now might not be the best time to go tromping off on your own.
No. Because I trust him. And I trust Jacob. And the minute I start questioning orders, this whole thing, everything that we're doing here falls apart.
No. I'm telling you that she fooled us. Doubled back.
I collect soil samples.
Couldn't tell ya. Half the stuff he says goes way over my head; the other half goes way, way over.
Then I suppose the hunt is on for both of us.
I know you're down here, Ben. Crouching in the dark, just waiting to take a shot at me.
Well, I got some bad news for you, Jack. You don't belong here at all. She was wrong.
Well, you get to talk to people you've lost... seems like a pretty wonderful thing to me.
This thing goes down, I'm sticking with you.

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