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Forced Order
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Spouse/Ex-Spouse of Oceanic 6 Member
A season premiere:
A season finale:
An alias of Kate's:
Mother of a member of the Oceanic 6:
Charlie's 'greatest hits':
A Sayid-centric episode:
Someone Sawyer kisses while on the island:
A Locke-centric episode from season 2:
A Hurley-centric episode from season 2:
A character who leaves the island twice:
Survivor of Ajira who was NOT on 815:
Tail Section Survivor who did NOT die in Season 2:
Deceased Kahana crew member:
Oceanic 6 member born outside the US:
Character born on the island:
Father of an 'Other':
A nickname Sawyer gives Miles:
An episode that takes place on the 48th day:
A character's flashback that featured Sawyer (other than Sawyer):

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