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U.S. HistoryVocabularyPoints
a period of rapid growth in U.S. manufacturing in the late 1800's
Henry Bessemer's invention that made steel production faster and cheaper
inventor who created the electric lightbulb
an exclusive right to make or sell an invention
inventor of the telephone
inventor of the first affordable car and the moving assembly line
brothers who made the first piloted flight in a gas-powered airplane
businesses owned by stockholders
business leader who concentrated his efforsts on steel production
U.S. HistoryVocabularyPoints
owning the businesses involved in each step of manufacturing
owning all of the businesses in a certain field
business leader who concentrated on oil refining
a legal arrangement grouping together a number of companies under a signle board of directors
business leader of mining equipment and railroads
belief that Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection and 'survival of the fittest' holds true for humans
total ownership of a product or service
law that made it illegal to monopolize a business

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