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Can you name the four letter words using the previous answer as the next clue?

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This green animal croaks1
You can usually find (1) in this small body of water2
Sometimes this green, pad-like object floats on a (2)3
Using the first two letters of (3), someone who isn't truthful4
Spell (4) backwards5
Change a letter in (5) to make a weather element6
You can catch this from being in (6) too long7
If you did get (7), a chicken variant of this might be given to you8
(8) can be served in this. Has the same second letter as (8)9
If you went (9)ing, you would need this round item10
A (10) generally has three of these, in this case11
You could do this by getting too close to a larger version of (11)12
In the season of (12), these fall to the ground13
This gardening tool will be needed to collect (13)14
Change one letter in (14) to make a cooking process15
If you want to (15), this large item might be useful16
Using the first two letters of (16), name a shape17
Cars might have one of these around an (17) road18
An incident in (18) might result in a yellow variant of this19
Change a letter in (19) and re-arrange letters to make a sport20
When playing (20), avoid these large, natural obstacles21
Birds make these in many places, but most commonly in (21)22
Change a letter in (22) to define something as being the greatest23
If you are the (23), you can expect this colour around your neck24
(24) is found in large amounts through this man-made structure25

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