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Can you name the guitarists from the cryptic clues provided?

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Who Am I?I am
I once played a tour with Deep Purple
I once played in Frank Zappa's band
If you don't like what you see here, get the funk out
You might catch me playing in the shadows
I play at high speeds on a scalloped Fender Strat
I played guitar 'Live Without A Net'
I also played guitar 'Live Without A Net'
My solo in 'High Speed Dirt' is awesome
I am the other half of Cacophony
I am the guitarist for The Punch Fisting Gypsies
I dedicated a song to Stevie Ray Vaughan, I called it S.R.V
I did set a guitar or two on fire in my time
Stairway To Heaven, need I say more?
A High Voltage rock n roll player
My riffs get Money For Nothing
Who Am I?I am
I play with a Green Tinted Sixties Mind
My head has been Fried in Kentucky
I am a champion that will keep fighting 'til the end
I am on the dark side of the moon
A top hat and Gibson, what else do you need to know?
Once Dave left, I rode the lightning
Missing fingertips never stopped my guitar mastery
An insect and then a traveller, I was busy!
Ummmmmmmmmmm...Pantera Forever
I still haven't found what I'm looking for
A black labelled Ozzy Osbourne regular
Resume: Metallica and Megadeth
A painted face and a Gibson Les Paul
Dragon Force guitarist. I sound like a Nintendo
I played with Mark Knopfler on 'Neck And Neck'

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