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A: Who runs the Kwik-E-Mart?
B: What song, when played backward, has a great recipe for lentil soup?
C: Marge's father's name.
D: What slogan does Homer cover with Maggie's photos at work?
E: A word that means 'to make larger.'
F: What is the name of the military group whose members boast Burns and Abe?
G: What is Gil's last name?
H: A town Lyle Lanley put on the map.
I: What does the child psychiatrist kill?
J: A girl at Bart and Lisa's school.
K: Krusty's last name
L: One of Fat Tony's henchmen.
M: The mountain that nearly kills Homer.
N: What did Bart the raven keep repeating?
O: One of Abe's companions at the retirement castle.
P: Who sang, 'Just don't look' ?
Q: The mayor's nephew.
R: What is the name of the man who took credit for creating Itchy & Scratchy?
S: A schoolyard bully.
T: Skinner's real last name.
U: What does Homer sing in the car with the hippies?
V: The song Burns sings about greyhound puppies.
W: A sickly child who goes to Bart and Lisa's school.
X: The name of Homer's gossip blog.
Y: What is the nickname of Mr. Pettigrew?
Z: Who does Skinner hire after he fires Krabappel?

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