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Forced Order
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Flashback PlotEpisode
Sun plans to leave her husband due to their martial issues
Sayid struggles after Ben tells him that he no longer has to work for him
Sayid is forced to torture for the very first time
Jack talks to Rose, Kate is a criminal and Charlie uses drugs moments before the plane crash
Jin is forced to work for Sun's father so they can live a happy life together
Ben and Widmore fight while both being Others on the island
Locke prepares to go on a walkabout in Australia
Jack becomes suspicious of Christian after his divorce with Sarah
Shannon tries to convince her stepmother she can be responsible after her father's death
Charlie attempts to con a woman for drug money, but he ends up falling in love with her
Somebody threatens Sun that she will tell about Jin's past
Claire finally meets her father after landing her mother in the hospital
Drive Shaft begins to break up, due to Liam being too addicted to drugs
Sayid is forced to torture a woman who is also his childhood friend
Sawyer plans to con a couple out of $160,000
Desmond's mind travels in time after the Swan implosion
Bernard tries to heal Rose after learning she has cancer
Certain people are recruited to go on a strange freighter mission
Eloise and Widmore try to convince Daniel to go to the island
Kate blows up her stepfather's house, which gets her on the run
We see the survivors actions and decisions in a hotel and airport prior to boarding Flight 815
Jack goes to Australia to find his father, not knowing he has died
Cooper asks for Locke's help, but this is affecting his relationship with Helen
Michael and his girlfriend fight over who will have custody of Walt
Tom Friendly tries to bring Michael back to the island after leaving
Jack is about to get married, but is having trouble writing his vows
Flashback PlotEpisode
Jacob touches certain survivors at important points in their lives
Hurley's imaginary friend badly influences him at the mental hospital
Claire begins to remember what happened when Ethan kidnapped her
Sayid works with the CIA so he can finally find Nadia
Locke spends time with the Others, but they want him to kill Cooper
Michael is saddened when his girlfriend leaves with his son, while Walt lives with his mother and stepfather
Charlie and his brother start a band, but drugs complicate matters
Richard arrives on the island, and is immediately caught in the battle between Jacob and MiB
Juliet has an affair upon arriving on the island, which upsets Ben
Locke brings a guest to his foster family, who are drug farmers
Kate teams up with Cassidy Phillips so she can confront her mother
Locke tries to get the Oceanic 6 to return to the island
Charlie remembers the five greatest moments of his life
Jin works as a doorman while Sun dates another man, before the two meet
Boone must go to Australia to save his sister, who claims to be in a bad relationship
Kate travels to Australia while on the run
Ben and his father arrive on the island to work with DHARMA
Sun and Jin try to have a baby, but it turns out that Jin is infertile
Eko lives his life as a warlord, but needs the help of his brother
Sawyer tries to con his way out of jail
After her boyfriend leaves her, Claire heads to a psychic to find out what to do when her baby is born
Michael makes a deal with the Others so he can finally reunite with Walt
Kate gets married while she is still on the run
Hurley wins the lottery, but the numbers he used bring him bad luck
Richard tries to convince Juliet to come to the island
Kate recruits people to help her rob a bank so she can access a safety deposit box
Flashback PlotEpisode
Locke finally finds his birth father, but it turns out his father is only trying to con him
Sawyer heads to Australia to find the man who conned his parents
Kate plans to return the island to save Claire, but she must leave Aaron to do this
Nikki and Paulo steal diamonds, but fight over them after the crash
Locke meets a woman, but is conflicted between her and his father
Jack travels to Thailand and meets a strange woman
Miles learns how to communicate with the dead, but people want to use him on a freighter mission
Hurley's father returns home after a 17 year absence
Ana Lucia returns to working as a police officer while trying to find the man who shot her
Desmond arrives on the island and is recruited to the Swan Station
Locke grows up being visited by Richard Alpert, who believes he is special
Juliet arrives on the island, but things are not what they seem
Locke tries to stop Cooper from another con, which lands Locke in a wheelchair
Jack and his father argue over a patient and a surgery that went wrong
Ana Lucia travels to Australia to help Christian
Sayid is put into an interesting position when he can't remember a woman he tortured
Kate meets up with her childhood sweetheart, but she encounters troubles as she is on the run
Eko investigates a so-called 'miracle' after becoming a priest (WRITE OUT THE TITLE, DO NOT USE THE SIGN)
Jack tries to fix a woman, despite it being nearly impossible
Sawyer falls in love with a woman, but it turns out she is a victim of a long con
After Hurley wins the lottery, he doesn't tell his friend as he doesn't want things to change
Complications occur between the relationship between Jack and his wife
Eko replaces Yemi as priest shortly after his death
Desmond works at a monastery, and meets Penny
Sun has an affair with a man, while Mr Paik orders Jin to kill the same man
Desmond travels back to 1996 and must find himself a constant

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