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Please allow me to introduce myself/I'm a man of wealth and taste
I have climbed/the highest mountain/I have run/through the fields/Only to be with you
She's not a girl/who misses much
It was all a dream/I used to read Word Up magazine/Salt 'n Pepper and Heavy D up in the limousine
That's great/It starts with an earthquake/Birds and snakes, an aeroplane/Lenny Bruce is not afraid
I/am thinking it's sign/that the freckles in our eyes/are mirror images/and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned
And you may find yourself/living in a shotgun shack/And you may find yourself/in another part of the world
Johnny's in the basement/mixing up the medicine/I'm on the pavement/thinkin' 'bout the government
I am an antichrist/ I am an anarchist
Countin' all different ideas drifting away/Past and present they don't matter/Now the future's sorted out
1-2-3 Uh!/My baby don't mess around/because she's love me so
Well they/blew the chicken man in Philly last night/Now they/blew up his house too
Somebody's Heine/is crowding my icebox/Somebody's cold one/is giving me chills
Well you can tell by the way I walk/I'm a ladies man/No time to talk
'The way I see it,' he said/'You can't win it/Everyone's in it for their own gain'
Sometimes you get so lonely/Sometimes you get nowhere/I've lived all over the world/I've left every place
When routine bites hard/and ambitions are low/and resentment rides high/but emotions won't grow
Dirty old river/must you keep rolling/flowing into the night?
Sailing heart-ships through/broken harbors/Out on the waves in the night
Movin' on the floor now, babe, you're a bird of paradise/Cherry ice cream smile well I suppose it's very nice
I keep lookin' for a place to fit in/where I can speak my mind
Get a drink/Have a good time now/Welcome to paradise
Something's wrong cuz my mind is fading/And everywhere I look there's a dead end waiting
Drive boy, dog boy/Dirty numb angel boy/In the doorway, door/She was a lipstick boy
I rap for listeners/Bluntheads, fly ladies, and prisoners
Met a dancer/who was high in the field/from her movement
Yeah/Said it's alright/I won't forget/all the times I've waited patiently/for you
I was surprised/I was happy for a day/in 1975
A rabbit falls away from me/I guess I'll crawl/A rabbit always smahes me/Again I'll crawl
I've seen your picture/Your name in lights above it
I was 21 years when I wrote this song/I'm 22 now but I won't be for long
Wait!/It isn't so great/since you learned karate chop-chop-chop-chop-chop
It's only been a week/The rush of being home in rapid fading
Suddenly/All your history's ablaze/Try to breathe/as the world disintegrates
So I'm back/to the velvet underground/Back to the floor/that I love
Visions of you or/pictures in tabloids/I've seen no way out/since I was a boy
Everybody gather 'round and listen to my song/I've only got one/We who are young/should now take a stand/Don't run from the burdens of woman and man
It's too good/It's too nice/She makes me feel it's too quick
I'm an ever-rolling wheel/without a destination real/I'm an ever-spinning top/whirling around 'til I drop
Got in a tussle/with a stranger on a train/The face was familiar/but I couldn't place the name
Think globally/act nobly/The ties that bind us blind us
1-2-3-4/Here/The future is always so near/Why should we all be alone/every night on the way home

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