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Forced Order
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What did Coach Mo call his class?
What basketball movie was Boot's Garland, the PBS disciplinarian in?
Who got married in chapel in 1994?
What PBS alumn was in We are Marshall and Glory Road?
What year was PBS established?
How many winless seasons did the football team have?
What teacher has been at PBS since its establishment?
What league did the PBS sports teams participate in originally?
Who is the main rival of PBS?
What PBS teacher was in the Patriot?
How many husband & wife couples currently teach at PBS?
What father/son combo was consecutive head football coaches at PBS?
Who was in charge of the school cafeteria for over 20 years?
At the 1999 graduation ceremony, who cut a back flip on stage?
Who was the school's most decorated athlete?
What grades was Gary Kinchen, high school principle, in charge of?
What basketball coach won 2 state championships?
Who was the pastor of Parkview Baptist Church that started PBS?
What did the pastor call the boys at PBS in each prayer at school functions?
What did he call the girls in all his prayers?
Who took over the baseball program when Coach Woodruff took the athletic director position in the mid 1990s?
Who said, 'Coach Woodruff, how come every time we put the tarp out it rains?'
What day was chapel on until 1997?
Who was the first high school principal at PBS?
What was the name of the student parking lot?

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