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Can you name the characters who said these quotes in series 4 of Benidorm?

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'3rd Dan? You look more like Desperate Dan.'
'There's that many hormone patches floating in that pool, people are going to be walking out a different sex!'
'Are you coming back? I can't hold this position much longer!'
'I don't go near the water. Plays havoc with a straight bob.'
'I liked it as an empty beach! Not full of degenerates!'
'I don't like heights. Or water. I'm not that keen on the sun to be honest!'
'You're going down a bloody slide, not being pushed out of a 747!'
'What can I do for you, my little tranny friend?'
'They used to call me the One-Armed Bandit. And I always paid out.'
'Isn't that pool a lovely blue?'
'That's the trouble with buffets, they're very more-ish, aren't they?'
'You look like you're gonna die.'
'It's not your dog, it's my dog. She's called Liza!'
'Oh, you're so beautiful! I just wanna grab you!'
'He's like a strange child that won't go away.'
'If there's gonna be a fight, can I come and watch?'

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