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The dog was as blind as a bat.
You are my sunshine
The noise is music to my ears.
Her hands were as cold as ice.
He’s a diamond in the rough.
Joe is as cool as a cucumber.
The paper was as light as a feather.
Joe is a clown.
She is such an airhead.
The world is a stage.
The little girl was sweet as sugar.
Samantha's heart is gold.
Lisa drowned in a sea of grief.
The world is my oyster.
I slept like a log.
He is as strong as an ox.
He is the apple of my eye.
His eyes were as black as coal.
The marble was shiny as a diamond.
It is hot as hell.
It's raining men.
Time is a thief.
He had never seen a dog as big as a hippo.
The door was tough as nails.
He eats like a pig
She is feeling blue.
Brandon is a couch potato.
She is a pig.
He was as white as a ghost.
They fought like cats and dogs.

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