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QUIZ: Can you name the The Carpal Tunnel of Love lyrics by Fall Out Boy?

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We take sour sips
And we shake, shake, shake
Stomp out
You'll put your eyes to the sun
You're only blinding to keep back
And we might've started
We're throwing stones
Whoa oh
Whoa oh
Whoa oh, we keep the beat
And we bullet the words
Slept through the weekend
Of sinking with the melody
Got postcards
We might've said
(Stomp out this
Robbing lips
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Whoa oh
Whoa oh
Whoa oh
Whoa oh
Ohh, it was ice cream headaches
When the pearls
You call me a
Tired yawns
We're the has-beens
Sharpening the knives
Take two years
Take teardrops of mine
Whoa oh
Whoa oh
Whoa oh
Whoa oh

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