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If I'd forgotten how to sing before I sung this songPretty. Odd.
Velvet lips and the eyes to pull me inVices & Virtues
You remind me of a former love that I once knewPretty. Odd.
If the scene were a perish AFYCSO
Can't take the kid from the fightAFYCSO
If you change your mindTWTLTRTD
I led the revolution in my bedroomVices & Virtues
Grazed the poem and made it strangePretty. Odd.
If you're gonna be the death of meTWTLTRTD
And the rest be sent to hell where they always have belongedVices & Virtues
I've lost control, and I don't want it backTWTLTRTD
Spun the stars on her fingernailsPretty. Odd.
She didn't choose this roleAFYCSO
Ain't it so perfectTWTLTRTD
If the clouds were playing a songPretty. Odd.
LyricsNext LyricsAlbum
I'm the narratorAFYCSO
When you're in black slacksAFYCSO
Tonight your body is a symphonyVices & Virtues
He's slightly cleverAFYCSO
Lying there with a halo in her hair, she criedPretty. Odd.
What a beautiful weddingAFYCSO
A lonely speaker in a conversationVices & Virtues
We were just getting to the partAFYSCO
Into a place where thoughts can bloomPretty. Odd.
Perhaps I was born with curiosityPretty. Odd.
She was drinking tea in the gardenPretty. Odd.
A face like heavenTWTLTRTD
Confessing their apostasiesTWTLTRTD
Floating flocks of candled swansPretty. Odd.
In these coming years many things will changeTWTLTRTD

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