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Which two classmates have twins?
How many days subsequent to our report release date do we have to archive engagement workpapers?
What was the name of the fish in the inventory video?
This is our audit strategy if we decide not to test controls.
If you were testing controls in a sample of 25 and found one exception, by how many items would you need to expand your sample?
Who needs to leave by noon on Friday to go tailgating for the Cotton Bowl?
What do you call the steps from EY GAM for specific significant accounts that we have to perform or document why we do not perform?
If it's not documented, then it's not...
If you are testing a control with a weekly frequency, what would your sample size be?
Who is the Southwest sub-area managing partner?
What is the first phase of the interview process?
How much money is in the cup?
Who is from the Ivory Coast?
Name one type of substantive procedure.
Name the other type of substantive procedure.
Name one type of fraud.
Name the other type of fraud.
Who is a certified scuba diver?
Name a cash PSP.
Who is proposing next month?
Name the three classifications of inventory, in order.
How old is Colleen's daughter?
Who is playing for the BCS National Championship?
What is the key difference between fraud and neglect?
What procedures (not typically pertaining to any particular significant account) are we required to perform on all audits?
What assertion for liabiliites does the search for unrecorded liabilities test/address?
What is the name for inventory held on site but not owned by the client?
What EY tool is used to determine how many AR accounts to confirm?
What does GAAIT stand for?
One of two assertions that only pertains to the income statement.
What phase of GAM will you be primarily focused on as a Staff?
Would you retain legal letters that were subsequently updated in our audit files?
Under a substantive approach, you would still have to identify and walk through controls if one of these conditions exist.
What does T stand for in the LISTEN model?
Name a common reconciling item on a bank reconciliation.
Who is from the Columbus office?
On which types of engagments do we complete walkthroughs?
How early before year end can you perform interim procedures with minimal combined risk assessment?
What assertion is related to the allowance for doubtful accounts?
Who got the door slammed in his face at a client while trying to perform a walkthrough?
There is a presumption that we will identify risks of material missstatment due to fraud related to.....
Who was your favorite instructor?

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