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when carol was pregnant what janitor suit name was pheobe wearing
what did pheobe name her rat
who was pheobes boyfriend that ate chalk
what was the name of pheobes first husband
what was the name of pheobes second husband
in the first episode what was pheobe doing to annoy monica and joey
who plays the charater of pheobe
who is pheobes sister
what flat number does her sister live in
what did pheobe have over her head to hide from ryan
finish the qoute:'Whenever I get married, guess who won't get to sing? Somebody named _________ and somebody else named ________!'
what does pheobe name her mouse
which is the name of her 3d painting
how do monica and rachel fight to get her painting
how took charge of pheobes wedding
which of the friends did pheobe mug
what was pheobes mother called
when pheobes goes to what does somebody die
who is pheobe related related to that kills them self
what are her dad and brother called

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