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Forced Order
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SentencesAnswer (Either Correct or Incorrect)
I want to brush my teeth, and I want to go to bed.
Her dad is fat, jolly, and sweet.
I love my fat, old cat.
You are a mean angry, person!
Cara, do you want to go on a rollercoaster?
Yes I will join you in a moment.
As we walked into the haunted house, I felt, my heart jump.
When I grow up, I want to be a doctor.
I watched the door swing open, slamming the wall next to it.
If you want to get to school on time, you should, I think wake up.
Daniel, my brother, never does his homework.
My little sister's drawings are creative artistic, and beautiful.
No, I will not be in class tomorrow because I have a dentist appointment.
SentencesAnswer (Either Correct or Incorrect)
Sammy, is going to be late.
There is a new home being built, and I cannot wait to see it finished!
Political debates I believe, should be avoided at social events.
The volume control fell of the T.V., leaving a small, silver circle.
Until Lucy brings her part of the project, we cannot turn it in for a grade.
Since I have multiple, tardies I will have to serve a detention.
Brandon, Lara, and Don will meet us there.
Her dress looked beautiful, twirling behind her in the wind as she walked.
The flowers started to die so we had to move them outside to get sunlight.
I went to my bedroom and I returned to find the house destroyed.
My cousin rushed through the door, running behind as usual.
While I was cleaning the kitchen my sister was watching T.V.

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