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HintCase Name
Cutting hair can amount to ABH
Laid down the 3 exceptions where the Court of Appeal can depart from their own decisions.
You do not owe a duty of care to your trespassers.
You cannot consent to these kinds of injuries (ABH)
You can consent to these. The court distinguished from Brown because the injuries were said to be similar to that of tattoos.
The House of Lords updated the law to bring it in line with society.
Man caught masturbating in a public toilet. Legislation said it had to be ‘to the annoyance of passengers’
He was ‘maintaining’ and so there was no need to provide a lookout. The courts applied a literal interpretation of the words.
Tried to steal votes from dead people but they were not ‘entitled to vote
A flick knife in a window was an invitation to treat not an offer
The courts used the golden rule to include 'go through a ceremony' as the definition of 'to marry'
The mischief rule was used to stop the prostitutes shouting out of private windows
The purposive approach was used to look for the intention of the Act and prevent racism in the workplace
HintCase Name
Allowed the use of Hansard as an external aid to interpretation
Jury equity issue; jury used a ouji board to contact the dead victim
How can someone have a fair trial by jury when they have heard the news reports already?
The jury refused to give a guilty verdict as they believed the defendant was in the right
The court applied the ejusdem generis rule and held that the other items mentioned in the statute related to places indoors whereas Tattersall's enclosure was outside.
The male prostitute fell outside of the Act's 'mischief'
Laid down the four questions for the judge to use the mischief rule for
The court used the broad approach of the golden rule to depart from an absurd outcome
The court held that “entertainment” did not mean musical entertainment but the reception and accommodation of people, so the defendant was guilty
The golden rule was used to include inside a place in the definition of 'in the vicinity of'
The jury acquitted when the criminal actions prevented fighter jets killing more people
The phrase ‘theatre or other place of public entertainment’ includes a funfair even though it was not of the same kind as theatres.

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