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what is dylan's moms name?
Andrea grew up in _________?
What college does the gang attend?
Who gave David meth?
Who did Brandon tutor in college?
Where did Brenda move to after freshman year
Which of Donna's boyfriends' beat her?
What is kelly and david's sisters' name?
What is Dylans' sisters name?
Who did Steve meet on the 'Love at first sight' game show
Who did steve cheat on Celeste with?
What play did Brenda get the lead in?
Where did Donna's parents move?
Where's Dylan's favorite place to surf?
Who did Andrea marry?
What did Andrea and Jesse name her baby?
Who was Brenda engaged to?
When was the only time Andrea's parents were shown?
What hotel did Dylan live in?
What band did Kelly meet at the Bel Age
Who did Brandon have Thanksgiving dinner with his freshman year?
What did Emily slip Brandon?
What's Kellys fathers name?
Who did kelly break up with Dylan for?
What Fraternity house did Steve join?

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