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the evil computer is also known as the red what?
Rain Ocampo was played by this actress?
Matt is an environmental activist but claims to be?
name the powerful commercial entity?
name the sub-terainean mega complex that Alice guards?
Matt(the environmentalist)Addison becomes this weapon?
what creature is known for its tongue?
how will Raccoon city be completely sanitized?
Milla Jovovich was in another great sci-fi with Bruce Willis, name it
S.T.A.R.S stands for?
Jill Valentines S.T.A.R.S partner is named?
he was bitten but it was his lucky day?
Nicholai used to work for Umbrella but now considers himself...
his name is Lloyd Jefferson Wayne but on account of the informal situation you can call him
she and Carlos lead a weary convoy of survivors
and her brother, who is played by the guy from prison break
Spencer Locke's character is named for this retail outlet
the not so evil sister computer in extinction is called, what color, queen?
the main bad guy in afterlife is Albert who?
who appears at the end of afterlife with a mind control device attached?

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