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Massive self-governing North Atlantic island
South Caribbean Island (of the Lesser Antilles) that is an autonomous region of the Netherlands
North Atlantic island which is the oldest and most populous remaining British overseas territory--Lends its name to an infamous 'triangle'
Disputed north Himalayan region under Chinese control--Associated with Buddhism
Self-governing British territory at the entrance of the Mediterranean
Australia's only island state
Self-governing US island territory in the Western Pacific
The world's second-largest continent, containing 53 separate countries
Special administrative region of China, formerly a British colony
Extensive mountainous region covering parts of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria
Large sparsely-populated non-self-govering territory in Northwestern Africa
Special administrative region of China, formerly a Portuguese colony
Historical region of central Romania bounded by the Carpathian Mountains--Associated with Dracula
Emirate and city on the Arabian peninsula, associated with affluence and man-made islands
Immense expanse covering almost all of Northern Asia--Covers the majority of Russia's territory
Self-governing US island territory in the Northeast Caribbean

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