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Chapter the initial story starts from
Bumper Sticker of Spaceballs 1
the wedding is on Planet ______
Leader of Spaceballs 1
He always has _____ when he watches Mr. Radar
Princess _____
the daughter of King _____
is to marry Prince _______
the Droid of Honor
Barf and ____ ride in the Winnebago
they owe money to _______ __ ____
how much they owe
how Vespa feels about leaving wedding
Spaceball President
Dark Helmet is surrounded by ______
The radar lost the _____, the ______, and the _______
it was jammed with
Barf is half man, half dog making him a ___
Barf's real name
License plate of Vespa's ship
Winnebago goes into ______ ______to escape Spaceballs 1
Spaceballs 1 goes right to _______ ______
Spaceballs 1 then goes _____ at that speed
Name of Lonestar and Barf's ship
Princess Vespa is ______ when she's angry
Lonestar's ship landed on the Moon of _______
Lonestar and Vespa set off Dot's _____ Alarm
In the desert, they are found and brought to _____
He is the keeper of the ______
He got the ______ Side of it
Dark Helmet got the _____ Side of it
Spaceballs President's order to find the Princess
'We ain't found ____'
Yogurt gives Lonestar a ______ ______ and the Schwartz before he leaves
They plan to meet again in Spaceballs 2: The ____ __ ____ _____
Dark Helmet plays with _____
Princess Vespa's Sweet Sixteen present
Combination to the Air Shield (the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage)
When Princess Vespa sings she is a ____
Spaceballs 1 transforms into ____ ____
And that goes from ____ to _____
Dark Helmet is Lonestar's father's nephew's cousin's former roommate, which makes them _______ _______
'I see your Schwartz is as big as mine, now let's see how well you ______ it'
'I hate it when I get my Schwartz ________'
The color of Lonestar's Schwartz
The color of Dark Helmet's Schwartz
Lonestar falls for the _______ ____ __ ___ ____
'Evil will always triumph because good is _____'
Yogurt found the ring in a ______ ____ Box
Lonestar's necklace says that he is a ______

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