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QUIZ: How well do you know Pixar's Ratatouille?

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In which city does the movie take place?
What's the name of Gusteau's book?
What was Remy searching in the house?
What's Remy's occupation in the colony?
What's the relationship between Gusteau and Linguini?
Why was Linguini nearly fired on his first day of work?
What's the name of the food critic?
What does Remy prepare for breakfast on the first morning?
How did the restaurant lose two stars
What's Linguini's full name?
How do Linguini and Remy find out that they can control him through his hair?
What colour has Colette's scooter?
What does Linguini need to improve according to Colette?
What's the name of Remy's brother?
What's the name of the restaurant Linguini opens near the end of the movie?

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