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Can you name the Extremely Difficult Scrubs Trivia Questions?

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What college/university did Elliot attend?
What is Dr. Beardface's first name?
What is Fun-Sized Intern's real name?
What city is Sacred Heart located in?
What is Portly Island Boy's real name?
What is J.D.'s middle name?
What is Dr. Cox's real full name?
What girl's name was J.D. called by his parents until he was 3 years old?
What is J.D. and Kim's son's full name?
What kind of car was Maalik?
Who gave J.D. his Toyota Prius?
What is J.D.'s mom's first name?
What does CDC stand for?
What is Elliot's cell phone ringtone?
What is Elliot's pager ringtone?
What was Elliot's housemaid's name?
What is Turk's full name?
What is Turk's cellphone number?
What fraction Japanese is Turk?
What was the name of the testicle Turk had removed?
What is Turk allergic to?
What city did Carla grow up in?
What was the name of Carla and Turk's wedding song?
How long before Carla and Turk met was Carla in medicine?
How many sisters does Carla have?
What is Dr. Cox's favorite sports team?
What college/university did Dr. Cox attend?
What is Colonel Doctor's real full name?
What is Dr. Kelso's gay son's name?
What is Dr. Kelso's Vietnamese son's name?
What college/univeristy did Dr. Kelso attend?
How many times had Dr. Kelso been sued?
What was Dr. Kelso's high score on Pacman?
What did the Janitor tell J.D. his real name was?
What was the Janitor, The Todd, and Ted's newspaper called?
What real-life movie did Janitor act in?
BONUS: What is Milos' (Turk's Croatian surgical intern) last name?

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