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Can you name the Pokemon with highest-scoring names in Scrabble?

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HintPokemonScrabble Score
Goes nuts if it sees red32
Don't be near it when it falls asleep30
Rattata, Sentret, Bidoof...what's missing?29
Gets taken down by a certain fox29
It's spiny26
Resembles a club25
It has a repetitive name25
Known for its Rock Smash and Seismic Toss24
Psyduck's lover24
A fire-type Pokemon24
HintPokemonScrabble Score
Like a BOSS24
Never was there a better eater of cereal23
It's named after a bird, but isn't Flying-type23
A royal Pokemon23
Dat Hyper Beam23
Impossible to prevent from reproducing22
A baby Pokemon22
Team Rocket strikes again22
A baby Pokemon22
Koga was last seen with one of these22

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