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This character is a war veteran from Iraq, with one nut.
... saved this character's life, but _____ was kidnapped anyways.
... is this character's actual son.
... was this character's old lady.
... double-crosses and kills this character in an isolated garage.
... wanted to kill this character.
... accidentally kills this person in a drive-by.
... married this character.
... marries this character after his first wife died.
... gets beat up by this character, a porn industry tycoon.
... presumably murdered this character's wife.
... smashed this character's face into a desk.
... was killed at the same time as this character.
...died at this character's hands.
... became VP of the club after this character transferred
... after being shot, gets stitched by this character.
... is imprisoned as an accessory to the murder of this character's sister.
... frames this character with the murder of an escort.
... hears this character confess to murdering a heroin junkie.
... worked as a rat for this character.
... took over this character's job.
... has known this character since she was sixteen.
... helps this character's daughter after being raped.
... was black-mailed by this character in order to use the previous character's land.
... killed this character in the cabin with a shotgun.
... was this person's oldest friend before he died.

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