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LyricSong Album
'Double chins and bowling pins...'Stadium Arcadium
'She sees my good deeds, and she kisses me windy.'Blood Sugar Sex Magik
'I like pleasure spiked with pain...'One Hot Minute
'I caught you out there in the frey.'By the Way
'And when the drurmmer drums he's gonna play my song to carrry me along.'I'm with You
'Let my band step inside, take you on a cosmic ride.'Mother's Milk
'The ashtray's full and I'm spillin' my guts.'Californication
'Pistol and its pawn, sail it through the lexicon.'Greatert Hits
'Her ruby fruit jungle givin' bush baby bush baby birth.' Freaky Styley
LyricSong Album
'With birds I'll share this lonely view .'Californication
'Tugboat Sheila is into memorabilia, who said three is a crowd.' I'm With You
'And in this perfect weather we'll find a place together.'By The Way
'I'll move you like a baritone, Jungle Brothers on the microphone.'Stadium Arcadium
'I never met an animal I didn't like, you can come to me I won't bite.'Blood Sugar Sex Magik
'My talking dolphin spoke to me, he spoke to me in symphony.'The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
'Hot as Hades, early eighties, sing another song and make me feel like I'm in love again.'Stadium Arcadium
'Get up and jump, get up and jump, get up, get up, get up and jump.'Red Hot Chili Peppers
'We were the two, our lives rearranged.'Blood Sugar Sex Magik

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