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Most races entered by a driver: 326Brazilian
Youngest driver to win a race: 18 years, 228 daysSpain 2016
Oldest driver to win a race: 53 years, 22 daysFrance 1951
Youngest world champion: 23 years, 134 days2010
Oldest driver to start a race: 55 years, 292 daysMonaco 1955
Highest win % during career: 46%Argentine
Highest win % during one season: 75%1952
Most races entered before first win: 130Germany 2009
Most races entered without a win: 214Italian
Most podiums without a win: 13German
Most laps led without a win: 183New Zealander
Most fastest laps without winning a World Championship: 21Austrian
Most wins at the same Grand Prix: 8French GP
Most consecutive wins at the same Grand Prix: 5Monaco 1989-1993
Win from farthest back on the starting grid: 22ndUnited States West 1983
Most consecutive points finishes: 27Bahrain 2012-Hungary 2013 (Enjoys an ice cream)
World Champion with the fewest career points: 98American
Driver to have won the World Championship by the smallest margin: 72 pts>71.5 ptsAustrian
Driver to win race by the biggest margin: 4 minutes, 54 secondsBelgium 1963
Youngest World Championship leader: 22 years, 126 daysSpain 2007
Highest top speed achieved during a race: 231.486mphMexico 2016
Highest percentage of pole positions in a season: 88%Also holds record for most runner-up championship finishes before winning a World Championship
Most races before first podium: 91Commentator
Most races before first point: 43Italian
Most races without a podium: 137German
Most races without a point: 50Italian
Most races before becoming world champion: 206German
Longest time between successive wins: 2,402 daysSouth Africa 1983-San Marino 1990
Longest time between successive podiums: 2,870 daysGreat Britain 1997-San Marino 2005
Driver to have entirely led (from start to finish) the most races: 19Brazilian
Most pit stops by a driver in a single race: 7Europe 1993
Most pit stops by a winning driver in a single race: 6 (including 1 penalty)Canada 2011
Most (driving) penalties in a season: 10Not a surprise..
Driver who was passed the most times in a season: 702012
Shortest Formula 1 career (having qualified for at least 1 race): a little over 800mItaly 1993 (His home race)
Only driver to win the World Championship in their own car3 Drivers' Championships and 2 Constructors' Championships to his name
Constructor with the most wins: 228Prancing horse
Constructor with the most 1-2 finishes in a season: 122015
Constructor with the highest win % of races entered: 47%Around for just one season
Constructor with the highest win % during one season: 94%1988
Constructor with the most races without a win: 340Perennial underdogs, best finish of 4th
Constructor with the most podiums without a win: 151999-2005
Tyre manufacturer with the most wins: 3681965-1998
Race with the highest % of retirements: 861996
Race with the most overtakes: 1612016
Race with the fewest starters: 6Shambles in 2005
Race with the most safety cars: 6Wet race in 2011
Season with the most World Championship contenders in the final race: 4Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton

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