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QUIZ: I liked the idea behind the quizzes by wolfeman, so I thought I would make one myself. Can you name the battles A-Z?

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LetterBattleResult and Year
AUnion defeats the Confederacy - 1864
BBritish defeat the Germans - 1940
COttomans defeat the Safavids - 1514
DGeorgians defeat the Seljuks - 1121
EAmericans defeat the Japanese - 1942
FBritish defeat the Germans - 1915
GRepublicans defeat the Nationalists - 1937
HSoviets defeat the Germans - 1945
IHellenic League defeats the Persians - 333 B.C.
JDraw between the Palestinians and the Israelis - 1948
KPrussians defeat the Austrians - 1866
LAmericans defeat the British - 1775
MSeljuks defeat the Byzantines - 1071
LetterBattleResult and Year
NOttomans defeat the Crusades - 1396
OGrand Alliance defeats the Party of the 2 Crowns - 1708
PGreeks defeat the Persians - 479 B.C.
QWu Kingdom defeats the State of Cao Wei - 223
RFrench defeat the Habsburg Monarchy - 1746
SUnion defeats the Confederacy - 1862
TSpanish defeat the Aztecs - 1520
UBritish defeat the Zulus - 1879
VHussites defeat the Hungarians - 1420
WFrench defeat the Austrians - 1809
XMongols defeat the Chinese - 1273
YRashiduns defeat the Byzantines - 636
ZOttomans defeat the Venetians - 1499

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