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LetterBattleResult and Year
ATimurids defeat the Ottomans - 1402
BJapanese defeat the Mongols - 1274
CEnglish defeat the French - 1346
DParty of the 2 Crowns defeats the Grand Alliance - 1712
EJews (Maccabees) defeat the Seleucids - 166 BC
FFrench defeat the Russians - 1807
GAxis defeats the Allies - 1942
HSyrians defeat the Islamic Front - 2014
IAmericans defeat the Japanese - 1945
JBritish defeat the French - 1781
KOttomans (strategically) defeat the Serbians - 1389
LByzantines defeat the Pechenegs - 1091
MGreeks defeat the Persians - 490 BC
LetterBattleResult and Year
NGreat Powers defeat the Ottomans - 1827
OUnion defeats the Confederacy - 1864
PEnglish defeat the French - 1356
QFrench defeat the Seventh Coalition - 1815
RSwedes defeat the Holy Romans - 1632
SEastern Japan (Tokugawa) defeats Western Japan (Toyotomi) - 1600
TYorkists defeat the Lancastrians - 1461
UAllies defeat the French - 1811
VMoldavians defeat the Ottomans - 1475
WHoly Romans defeat the Bohemian Estates - 1620
XCao Cao and Liu Bei defeat Lü Bu - 198
YUnion (strategically) defeats the Confederacy - 1864
ZModenese defeat the Bolognese - 1325

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