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Forced Order
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The Name of the 5th Harry Potterorder of the pheonix
The 5th King of Britainwilliam IV
President of Canadaprime minister
The United States Future Presidentto be forseen
The 6th Song on Telephantasmmy wave
The Winner of the Stanley Cup in 1988edmonton oilers
The Middle Name of Barrack Obamahussein
The Country Below Bulgariagreece, turkey
hintanswerextra heading
The Colours of Rwanda's National Flagblue, green,yellow
Medieval Scottish Freedom Fighterwilliam wallace
A Color of the Rainbowred, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
The Color of an Orangeorange
The Color of the Skyblue
The First Letter of the Alphabeta
Yo Mama's So Fat...when she goes to a restaurant and looks at the menu she says yes please
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