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Can you name the 2010 Mock Trial Rules (CT)?

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When an opposing lawyer fails to create a foundation for his/her questions
Rule 401 
When a witness testifies about a persons character if character is not an interest
Rule 601 
If a witness testifies on matter in which they have no personal knowledge of.
Rule 501 
When an opposing witness creates random facts
Rule 204 
If a witness gives an opinion on the stand or gives proffesional info unrelated to their proffesion (i.e. Cindy, a maid, gives the court information about fingerprint analysis)
Rule 701 
If an opposing lawyer asks a question that has no relation to the case whatsoever
Rule 301 
(Lawyer asks) 'Isn't it true that you saw the defendant run into the alley' is an example of a....
Rule 901 (Direct)  
When a lawyer questions THEIR OWN witness is called a
When someone testifies about an exact quote made by SOMEONE ELSE
Rule 801 (remeber to review Rule 802 too!!!) 
When a witness forgets info from their deposition and the lawyer needs to show them the deposition again is known as...
Rule 903 
When a lawyer questions a witness from the opposing team is known as...
When a witness blatantly lies about their statement and the lawyer seeks to throw out the evidence is...
Rule 906 
When a question has been asked and answer gets asked AGAIN
Rule 911 
The rule used when a question that is asked is too general and broad, creating the witness to 'create a long story'
Rule 913 
Rule to use if an attorney makes a statement that the witness should bring up instead.
Rule 916 
Rule to use if a witness fails to answer the question properly
Rule 914 
Which school won the 2010 Connecticut Mock Trial State Championship?!

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