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Can you name these items from The Last of Us? (Beware of spoilers!!)

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Solely consists of game's prologue 
Includes four scenes: 20 Years Later, Beyond the Wall, The Slums, and The Cargo 
Includes four scenes: Outside, Downtown, Museum, and The Capitol Building 
Includes four scenes: The Woods, Safehouse, Graveyard, and High School Escape 
Includes four scenes: Alone and Forsaken, Hotel Lobby, Financial District, and Escape the City 
Includes two scenes: Sewers and Suburbs 
Includes two scenes: Hydroelectric Dam and Ranch House 
Includes two scenes: Go Big Horns and Science Building 
Includes two scenes: The Hunt and Cabin Resort 
Includes two scenes: Highway Exit and Underground Tunnel 
Includes one scene: Hospital 
Solely consists of game's epilogue 
Protagonist; survivor of outbreak; works as a black market smuggler 
Deuteragonist; immune to infection; mature beyond her fourteen years of age 
Deuteragonist's best friend; rebellious; bitten and succumbs to infection 
Protagonist's daughter; witnesses onset of outbreak; succumbs to gunshot wounds 
Protagonist's neighbor; among first to become infected; killed by protagonist in self-defense 
Protagonist's kid brother; former militia member; oversees an abandoned power plant 
Protagonist's 'partner-in-crime'; ruthless, yet trustworthy; bitten and promptly sacrifices self for others' safety 
Arms dealer; conceited and cowardly; murdered for his betrayal 
Final antagonist; militia leader; actions are unethical, but justified 
Survivor of outbreak; extremely paranoid; assists main characters, albeit reluctantly 
Survivor of outbreak; assists and befriends main characters; commits suicide out of guilt and grief 
Kid brother of previous character; assists and befriends main characters; killed after becoming infected 
Protagonist's sister-in-law; oversees abandoned power plant with husband 
Assists in command of villainous faction; killed with meat cleaver to the neck 
Faction leader; allies with deuteragonist, but soon turns extremely violent; savagely hacked to death with repeated machete blows to the head 
Protagonist's residency twenty years after outbreak; capital of Massachusetts 
Home to radio tower; Pennsylvania city 
Main characters' penultimate destination; contains underground highway; capital of Utah 
Home to abandoned power plant; end of main characters' journey; located in Wyoming 
Home to paranoid survivor; heavily booby-trapped; capital of Nebraska 
Inhabited by murderous faction; has constant snowstorms; Colorado town 
Contains frozen lake and abandoned lodge; Colorado resort town 
Protagonist's residency at onset of outbreak; capital of Texas 
Contains abandoned science building; initial inhabitance of militia faction 
The Infected
Most recognized stage of infection; suffer from prolonged fungal exposure; completely blind; maneuver via echolocation, much like bats 
No longer bound with human qualities; defined by croaking sounds; closes in on victims when attacking 
Most dangerous stage of infection; completely covered in thick fungus; aggressive, but slow-moving; hurl sacks of toxin at attackers 
Weakest of the Infected; still maintain human instincts, albeit a few; attack with arms flailing wildly; become irritable and hostile upon infection 
Hostile survivors; reside in urban areas; will kill any and all outsiders; extremely protective of their respective territories 
Survivors with little means of food; will murder unknown travellers; will eat corpses for sustenance 
Controlled by last remnants of U.S. government; forceful towards those who resist their authority 
Not infected by virus; may be bitten, but have not yet turned 
Raid abandoned power plant on regular basis; reside in rural areas; hardened survivalists 
Revolutionary militia group; rebellious towards all authority; in search of vaccine 
The Last of Us developer; based in Santa Monica, CA 
Provides voice and motion capture for protagonist 
Provides voice and motion capture for deuteragonist 
Composed music for The Last of Us; won Academy Award for musical score of 'Brokeback Mountain' 
Parisitic fungus; decimated most of humanity; overall basis of main storyline 
Nationwide locations; protects uninfected from the sick 
One of the few remaining remnants of U.S. government; controls U.S. Armed Forces following outbreak; declared martial law 
DLC; contains non-linear gameplay; consists of events before main story commences 

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