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Can you name the main characters of the Max Payne franchise?

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Character DescriptionCharacterFeatured in...
Protagonist; ex-NYPD officer & ex-DEA agent; works private security in BrazilAll three games
Protagonist's wife; murderedMax Payne I
Protagonist's infant daughter; murderedMax Payne I
Protagonist's NYPD partner & best friendMax Payne I
Femme fatale; contract killerMax Payne I & II
Protagonist's boss; Deputy Chief of NYPDMax Payne I & II
Russian gangster; main antagonist of second gameMax Payne I & II
Mobster; at war with Russians; incredibly whinyMax Payne I & II
One-eyed U.S. Senator; member of Inner CircleMax Payne I & II
TV anchorwoman; provides frequent news reportsMax Payne I & II
Member of the Trio; highly feared Punchinello hitmanMax Payne I
Member of the Trio; highly feared Punchinello hitmanMax Payne I
Member of the Trio; highly feared Punchinello hitmanMax Payne I
High-ranking Punchinello mobsterMax Payne I
High-ranking Punchinello mobsterMax Payne I
Hooker, stripper; Punchinello associateMax Payne I
Punchinello hitman; weapon of choice is baseball batMax Payne I
Pimp gangster; minor antagonistMax Payne I
Mob boss' wife; beaten to deathMax Payne I
Russian mobster; arms dealer; traitorMax Payne I
Mob boss; revealed to be a pawnMax Payne I
Punchinello Capo; very mentally unstableMax Payne I
DEA agent; corrupt and revealed to be a traitorMax Payne I
Character DescriptionCharacterFeatured in...
Business tycoon; main antagonist of first gameMax Payne I
NYPD detective; protagonist's rivalMax Payne II
Hitman; commando leader; minor antagonistMax Payne II
Russian mobster; fond of movie westernsMax Payne II
Licensed gunsmith; firearms dealer; kidnapped and murderedMax Payne II
Inner Circle member; murdered in his homeMax Payne II
Former cop; works private security in Brazil; protagonist's close friendMax Payne III
Real estate mogul; wealthy Brazilian; oldest of three brothersMax Payne III
Brazilian politician; middle brother; co-antagonist of third gameMax Payne III
Brazilian playboy; drug addict; youngest of three brothersMax Payne III
Trophy wife; socialite; kidnap victimMax Payne III
Charity worker; socialite; kidnap victimMax Payne III
Ruthless criminal; kidnapper; gang leaderMax Payne III
Commander of special police force unit; corrupt; co-antagonist of third gameMax Payne III
Second-in-command of special police force unitMax Payne III
Sao Paulo police detective; protagonist's allyMax Payne III
War veteran; protagonist's neighbor; mentally insaneMax Payne III
Criminal; founder and leader of vigilante militia gangMax Payne III
Criminal; Underboss of vigilante militia gang; weapon of choice is macheteMax Payne III
New Jersey mob bossMax Payne III
Italian mobster; family Underboss; only son of mob bossMax Payne III
Plastic surgeonMax Payne III

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