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A kylie minouges character in voyage of the damned
B Donna said they were dissapearing
C in the empty child the ship was called a __ warship_
D not a time lord but a _______
E the enemy in the empty child
F savages living in deep future earth
G the doctors home planet
H in love and monsters not abzorbaloff
I what did professor brace well call the daleks
J rhino like aliens
K bat like creatures
L episode with the abzorbaloff in it
M the doctor in the stolen earth with donna went to see the
N maker of the autons
O martha threatened the daleks with it
P rose is trapped on
R creature that looks likes a spider
S also known as homo reptilia
T the doctors race
U the master stared into the what when he was a child
V cactus creatures in the end of time
W donnas grandad

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