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Can you name the NFL player by their criminal records?

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DescriptionPlayerPosition, Team(s)
Was involved in an altercation with a secuirity guard at a strip club when he could not recover his money after “making it rain.” Guard was shot later that night.CB, Titans/Cowboys/Bengals*
Burglery and substance charges including being put on indefinite leave from a coaching position at West Texas A&M for asking one of his players to fake an injury to acquire pills.QB, Chargers/Bucs/Cowboys/Seahawks
Was somehow charged for attempted murder in the process of being shot 3 times by Miami police.C, Raiders
Arrested multiple times for cocaine possession, beginning in 1991 while still a student at USC.QB, Raiders
Operated interstate dogfighting ring.QB, Falcons/Philadelphia Eagles*
Multiple charges on cocaine possession and possession of a crack pipe and other drug paraphernalia. Accused of, but not convicted, on assault charges.WR, Cowboys
Had Notre Dame Scholarship rescinded and received 30 days in jail for involvement in high school brawl. Later was kicked off the Florida St. team for testing positive for marijuanaWR, Vikings/Raiders/Patriots*
Ordered drive-by execution of girlfriend Cherica Adams for not having an abortion.WR, Carolina Panthers
DUI manslaughterWR, New Orleans Saints/Philadelphia Eagles/New England Patriots/Cleveland Browns/Baltimore Ravens*
DUI manslaughterDE, St. Louis Rams
Accused of involvement when two men were stabbed to death when his entourage brawled outside of the Cobalt Lounge in Buckhead, Georgia.LB, Baltimore Ravens*
DescriptionPlayerPosition, Team(s)
3rd degree rape and solicitation of a prostitute. Also has had some well-documented issues with crack cocaine.LB, Giants
Received a DUI driving home from a NYC night club despite the fact that his team sponsors a free driving service for its players for this exact purpose.WR, Browns/Jets*
Arrested for possession of an unregistered weapon after shooting himself in the leg.WR, Steelers/Giants
Substance abuse, gun charges, supplying underage women with alcohol, one of which he was accused of assaulting.WR, Bengals
Multiple gun possession charges the second of which included a raid of his home where three handguns, a rifle and two assult weapons were found.DT, Bears, Cowboys, Bengals*
Arrested for drunk driving. Claimed he wasn’t drunk.RB, Bears/Bengals*
Was accused in 2002 of videotaping the rape of a woman...who had been drugged with two friends.DT, Raiders/Redskins/Bucs
Accused of murdering ex-wife in 1989 and refused to turn himself in leading to the infamous low-speed pursuit of his white Ford Bronco.RB, Bills/49ers
Was arrested at his Mobile, Alabama home for being in possession of codeine syrup or 'purple drank' without a valid prescription.QB, Raiders
In 2001 police found him with 213 pounds of marijuana in his white van. Five weeks later, he was caught with 175 pounds of marijuana driving in the same van.G, Cowboys/Panthers
Although the case has yet to be resolved, in 2008 a man involved in a conflict with this player was shot dead with this player's gun using his bullets.WR, Colts

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