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Can you name the Boy Meets World Characters by their first and last lines?

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Forced Order
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First LineCharacterLast Line
Sorry I'm late! Well, actually I was out in the hall having a smoke.Good boy. Good boys.
I do!Take care of yourself, Cory.
Oh yeah, she does. And now I gotta get the taste of this shredded wheat out of my mouth.No, you'll always be with us. As long as we live, okay?
I gave up a scholarship to Yale to move to Philadelphia with you, and you tell me you're going to Corpus Christi to find yourself? You know what? Find this!I am so proud of you, Jack. You know you're doing the right thing.
Excuse me? New guy in town. Going to Pennbrook. Just got a three bedroom apartment and looking for roommates.Money doesn't make you rich, life makes you rich. Our father taught us that.
Why did you get detention?We're always here for you, alright?
It's in there.Oh! I want to be Cory! Can I be Cory?
Nice offer, why don't you just do the homework?The Shawn Hunter that I know is one of the most unique individuals I've ever met, and if you let this place take away who you really are, Shawn, then you've made the worst judgement you could make. You made the judgement.
A candy bar? Doesn't your mother feed you a proper breakfast?I love you all. Class dismissed.
First LineCharacterLast Line
No offense, Cory, but your project looks like you ripped off that show on MTV, The Real World.Let's not say goodbye. Let's just say I love you.
Just the kid I want to see.I know you will.
You will? Okay, great! Yeah, me too. Alrighty, okay. Bye. YES!I don't know what's going to happen to me. But I do know that I'm going to be a good person who cares about people, and I blame you for that.
He's a teacher, man. You keep ragging on him, he's going to make our whole sixth grade year miserable.You never gave up on me, never once. I'm not going to forget you. You're the best person I know.
Ow.She got ONE more lousy A than I did!
Yeah. This year I might even take the SOT's.It would look a lot like this, but perturbed.
You were almost in my way!That makes me Shawn. Come on, Joey.
Give me your hand.I will never forget you. You were more of a father to me than my own dad.

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