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Name (A-Z)Country (of origin)Description
Alp*Male Nightmare Demon originating from mountainous regions
BuraqAngelic Horse believed to have carried prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem
Cerberus*Three headed dog that guards the gates of God Hades
DirawongCreator being that is supposed to protect Aboriginal peoples of this nation from the Rainbow Snake
EncantadoPortuguese for 'Enchanted one'; Amazon River dolphin-human shapeshifter
FaunDerived from Latin: faunus; Human-goat hybrid; belonging to mythology that has mostly the same characters as Greek Myth
Gog*Giant protector of London
Huma (or Homa)From Sufi stories, a eagle-lion hybrid; represented in architecture at Persepolis
Iku TursoSea monster dwelling in Scandinavian waters
Jikininki*Spirits of impious individuals who feed on corpses; Muso Kokushi, a priest of the Zen sect (Buddhism) liberated its spirit
Kurma*Second avatar of Lord Vishnu in Turtle form
LeprechaunA type of a fairy clad in green clothing and spending most of his time in shoemaking
Merlion(Translates in Malay as: Singa-Laut); A famous fountain (and symbol) in this country is based on this half Lion half Fish hybrid
Name (A-Z)Country (of origin)Description
Nachzehrer*A vampire whose stories were prominent in the regions of Bavaria and even Northern Poland
Oni*Large, grotesque humanoid often depicted possessing a Kanabō
Pegasus*Winged Horse made out of clouds
Qilin*Dragon-ox-deer hybrid
Raven MockerEvil being from Cherokee mythology who robs the sick and dying of their lives
SanzianaGentle fairy; originated in the country of Dracula
TarasqueDragon originating from Provence, with leonine, turtle, bear, and human attributes
UrmahlulluMesopotamian lion-man who serves as a guardian of bathrooms
Vanara*Human-ape hybrids; mentioned in the Ramayana for aiding Lord Rama
Witte WievenMeans (spirits of)'wise women' in dialects of Low-Saxon language(German, Dutch)
Xing Tian*A pre-Qin dynasty mythological Headless Giant
Yallery Brown*Nature spirit originating from 17th century Lincolnshire folk tale
ZombieRe-animated corpse that is a prominent symbol in Vodou (Voodoo) magic originating in this Caribbean country

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