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Official Name
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color (of Symbol)
Prime Minister
Official Motto
National Anthem
Nationality (Demonym)
Largest Religious Denomination
Most widely spoken Language
Gained Independence from
Year Of Independence
Capital City
Largest City
Primary Continent
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Sea
Bordering Sea
Bordering Ocean
Landmass Shape
Lowest Point (-2.2m)
Highest Point (8586 m)
Longest River
World's Highest Mountain Range
Age of Suffrage
Internet Country Code
Drives on the...
White Marble Mausoleum from the Mughal era
Endangered National Animal
National Bird
National Flower
War with Pakistan over this Region
# of States
Commonwealth Games Host Year
Hindi Film Industry
Most Popular Sport
Leader of Non-violence independence movement
Nobel Laureate poet who wrote National Anthems of India & Bangladesh
Oscar winner for Best Score and Best Song for Slumdog Millionaire
Father of Surgery (c. 6th century BCE)
Longest Epic in Sanskrit

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