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Mother of NursingThis 'Lady with the Lamp' was famous for pioneering work in Nursing during the Crimean War
Father of SurgeryWrote a 'Samhita' (Sanskrit for Collected Texts) describing about 300 different surgical procedures and 120 surgical instruments (circa 800-600 BCE)
Father of ComputingInventor of the Analytical Engine which was never constructed in his lifetime.
Father of Evolution and Natural SelectionHis published work: 'On the Origin of Species' had compelling evidence for evolution
Father of Modern MedicinePrescribed practices for physicians through Corpus(a collection of his teachings), and an Oath named after him
Father of GeometryGreek Mathematician who deduced principles of Geometry from a small set of axioms
Father of ArchitectureDesigned the Step pyramid of Djoser; also known for use of columns in architecture
Father of the Nation (India)Leading the Non-Violence independence movement against the British Raj
Father of Classical MechanicsDescribed laws of motion and laws of gravity
Mother of Nuclear Science(of Radioactivity)Discovered 2 elements of Radium and Polonium; and created the Theory of Radioactivity
Father of Modern AstronomyDeveloped the first explicit heliocentric (Sun centered) astronomical model
Father of Economics(early)Wrote 'Arthashastra' (with pen name Kautilya) during Mauryan empire regime which describes statecraft and economic strategies
Father of Blitzkrieg military strategyWorld War 2 German general who developed and used this technique with armoured warfare and other artillery
Father of 20th Century American car industryNoted for introducing a simple and affordable car for the ordinary American masses.
Father of BasketballCanadian sports coach who invented the sport of basketball in 1891 and also wrote the original basketball rulebook
Father of Epic poetryAuthor of epic poems like the Iliad and the Odyssey
Father of HelicoptersInvented the first successful helicopter, upon which further designs were based
Father of AccountingItalian Mathematician who was a seminal contributor to accounting; also collaborated with Leonardo Da Vinci
Mother of Computer ProgramHer notes on the first Analytical Engine include the first algorithm intended to be processed by the machine; as such she is regarded as the world's first computer programmer.

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