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Who is the auto manufacturer of the Griswold family truckster?
What is Clark's response when Ellen says, 'Clark, Audrey's frozen from the waist down'?
How much fluid was removed recently from Ellen's Dad's lower back?
What is the name of the saleswoman at the lingerie counter in the store?
What is the payment for rubbing a painful burr on a heel?
What actress plays Ellen Griswold?
At the beginning of the movie, what are the Griswolds in search of?
What's Hawaii's way of saying Merry Christmas?
What is Eddie's wife's name?
What does Eddie want Clark to get himself for Christmas?
Finish this quote -'little full,lotta ....'
What does Aunt Bethany say for grace?
What is Clark's big project at work?
What is Cousin Eddie's dog's name?
Why can't Clark pet Eddie's dog?

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