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Can you name the movie based on the 3 characters?

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Harold Crick, Karen Eiffel, Ana Pascal
Mike McDermott, Lester 'Worm' Murphy, Joey Knish
Mike Donnelly, Steve Dodds, Drake Sabitch
Jack Vincennes, Bud White, Ed Exley
Karen Barclay, Andy Barclay, Eddie Caputo
Dewey Finn, Rosalie Mullins, Summer Hathaway
Virginia Venit, Mr. Larson, Doug Thompson
Melissa Robinson, Ron Camp, Woodstock
Matthew Kidman, Hugo Posh, Eli
Nancy Callahan, Miho, Senator Roark
Olive Hoover, Dwayne, Frank Ginsberg
Fletcher Reede, Max Reede, Greta
Babe Bennett, Chuck Cedar, Mac McGrath
Willie, Marcus, Thurman Merman
Reuben Feffer, Sandy Lyle, Leland Van Lew
Agent Doug Carlin, Claire Kuchever, Carroll Oerstadt
Viola, Duke, Olivia
Andy Stitzer, Trish, Cal
Kate Veatch, Cotton McKnight, Pepper Brooks
Bartleby Gaines, Sherman Schrader, Rory Thayer
Henry Rowengartner, Chet Steadman, Sal Martinella
Dave Buznik, Dr. Buddy Rydell, Linda
Jimmy Conway, Henry Hill, Tommy DeVito
Samantha, JP, Mr. Cheezle
Thurgood Jenkins, Scarface, Mary Jane
Coach Norman Dale, Myra Fleener, Shooter
Ben Stone, Alison Scott, Debbie
John Lyshitski, Nelson Biederman IV, Shanahan
Sid Waterman, Peter Lyman, Sondra Pransky
Brennan Huff, Dale Doback, Derek

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