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What channel was the original Good Morning Miss Bliss on?
Who is the only main character in the gang that is indisputably an only child?
What is the name of their Indiana middle school?
What does Zack tell Mr. Belding he will name his blemish cream?
What is the occupation of Screech's mother?
What artist's tape does Zack embed with subliminal messages?
Who is the principal of Valley?
Who owns The Max?
What does Mrs. Powers' Elvis statue face?
What are the 2 names used for Zack's father?
Who wins Miss Bayside?
What movie to Jessie and Zack talk about seeing during the famous 'I'm so excited' scene?
Who is Miss December on the Girls of Bayside swimsuit calendar?
What is Screech's alias for the Teen Line?
What is Zack and Kelly's last dance before Kelly dumps Zack for Jeff?
Which member of the gang has a summer birthday?
Who does Screech dress as during 4th of July at the Malibu Sands?
What is the name of the restaurant at the Malibu Sands?
What Chess move does Screech quiz Valley's Russian exchange student about?
What fake name does Screech give the woman chasing after him at the Attic?
What concert do Zack's parents attend the night that the guys go to the Attic?
What product does Stacy accuse Zack of selling in order to get alone time with him?
What percentage of tips does Mr Carosi tell Zack that the club is entitled to?
What is the name of Zack's duck that dies in the oil spill?
What concert does Eric ask Lisa to?
What holiday does Zack use as an excuse to skip school for the Dodger game?
How much money does the gang find in the mall?
What is the name of the hidden camera show that they are on?
What does Lisa get on her SAT's
What Dork number is Slater in Snow White and the Seven Dorks?
What country is Slater's date to Mr. Spano's dad's wedding the princess of?
Who replaced Johnny Dakota in the say no to drugs commercial?
Who discovered The Zack Attack?
What other famous band did the answer to the previous question represent?
Where in the mall does Slater work during the holidays?
What is Lisa's favorite drink?
What kind of wallet does Screech have?
What number would you call to order Screech's spaghetti sauce?
What cook book did Screech get his sauce recipe from?
What is the name of the girl in the wheelchair that Zack dates?
Who dresses as an astronaut for the masquerade ball?
What is the answer to the question Zack misses in order to lose out on a trip to Hawaii?
What is the name of the movie theater in Germany that Slater used to attend?
What do the class members pay for their class rings?
What is the final challenge to see who wins the $10,000 endowment gift to Bayside?
What is the name of the star of Screech's flea circus?
What subject does Slater tell the Valley academic bowl team that Zack has become an expert at?
What ballet does the gang put on in order for Zack to graduate?
What is the name of Zack's proposal for the new school song?
What are Slater's numbers on the football team?

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