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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these Disney Trivia questions?

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Ursula in Human form is known as...
According to Scuttle, a fork is known as a...
The beast warns belle about staying away from...
Belle claims 'her fathers not crazy, he's a
Rex the dinosaur doesn't like
Cinderella names him Gus, but his real name is
Boos door color is
Finish this Tarzan phrase: 'two worlds
Mowgli is known as a
She is known as the mistress of all evil...
The lost boys shoot wendy out of the sky because they think she is a
In the marketplace Jasmine pretends abu is the
Edna Mode is very against the use of
In enchanted, which animal plucks a hairball from the shower drain?
In Home on the range, Buck is so excited to be wearing Rico's...
In hunchback of notre dame which day is a day for breaking rules?
Among mending, sewing, and doing the laundry, Cinderella must give Lucifer a...

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