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QUIZ: Can you name the Minecraft Trivia?

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Random trivia about your favorite game!
Mob that blows up
Block that cannot be broken
Block that falls and is in the Nether
Main block in the Nether
How to sleep
PVP=(_____ vs _____)
Passive mob in daylight
Purple block
Mob that give you ______ rods
Important ingredient in potions- found in Nether Castles
Random trivia about your favorite game!
The space you enter when you 'fall out of the world'
Blow stuff up :)
At the End, you fight the _________
Teleporting passive mob... until noticed
What a server tells you to do when you type a non-existant command
How to make tools glow
Play _______ when you don't have any internet access
The first word on the screen that comes up when you die

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