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Can you name the sinners who get these punishments?

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they are not punished in an active sense, but rather grieve only because of their separation from God, without hope of reconciliation
Dante condemns these 'carnal malefactors' for letting their appetites sway their reason. They are the first ones to be truly punished in Hell.
forced to lie in a vile slush produced by ceaseless foul, icy rain
In the swamp-like water of the river Styx, they fight each other on the surface and lie gurgling beneath the water, withdrawn into a black sulkiness which can find no joy in God or
those who are trapped in flaming tombs
'I saw multitudes to every side of me; their howls were loud while, wheeling weights, they used their chests to push.'
those who are immersed in Phlegethon, a river of boiling blood, to a level commensurate with their sins: Alexander the Great is immersed up to his eyebrows. The Centaurs, commanded
those who are transformed into gnarled thorny bushes and trees, which are fed on by the Harpies
those who reside in a desert of flaming sand with fiery flakes raining from the sky, One of them is Dante's mentor, Brunetto Latini
those who are whipped by demons
they are steeped in human excrement, which represents the words they produced
These are placed head-first in holes in the rock (resembling baptismal fonts), with flames burning on the soles of their feet
have their heads twisted around on their bodies backward, so that they 'found it necessary to walk backward, / because they could not see ahead of them
are immersed in a lake of boiling pitch, which represents the sticky fingers and dark secrets of their corrupt deals
they are listlessly walking along wearing gilded lead cloaks, which represent the falsity behind the surface appearance of their actions – falsity that weighs them down and makes
just as they stole other people's substance in life, their very identity becomes subject to theft here, and the snake bites make them undergo various transformations
those who are a 'disease' on society, are themselves afflicted with different types of diseases
they are here immersed in the ice up to their faces – 'the place / where shame can show itself'. Mordred, who attacked his relative King Arthur, is one of the traitors here
All of the sinners punished within are completely encapsulated in ice, distorted in all conceivable positions
those who are frozen with Satan

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